I am Releasing...

I'm stealing time from my work to go to this blog since I dont think I can take this anymore.
I'm freakin bored. I can't focus. I dont think everything works smooth as I expect. I dont save enough money coz I am not rigorous enough. I am so lazy as fck. I dont feel motivated in doing anything. I end up watching K-pop videos on youtube to distract my mind that keeps blaming situation and myself.

I am sad that my friendship does not work as I hope. I try not to misunderstand people and I dont know why she can misunderstand me. Am I not clear enough in my action and words?
I dont know if I can contribute to society.

I question my choice to be alone for some time. I dont think I am strong enough handling a life partner now. I still have some unfinished business with myself.

I thank God that I have a mother who can understand me.
I thank God that my father is still breathing and trying to be humorous even though we sometimes crash in opinions.
I thank God that my sis and bro are pursuing their dreams and visions.

I thank God that there are books available.

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