FInallyyyy! I finished my thesis! And I got a job! Hihi. I am now a junior consultant of a new consulting firm, specialized in Human Resource's issues such as organizational development, HR strategic advisory, and many more. Fiuuh. Gonna face my graduation day in the end of August hihi.

Another good news is my sister got accepted in 3 university in Indonesia, and those are currently placed as top three here. She's accepted in Industrial Engineering of ITB, Faculty of Economics of UI, and Faculty of Medicine in UGM. She finally made up her mind; she's going to choose UGM.Well, most people support her decision.
But my father doesn't, which is very confusing and surprising. He prefers my sister going for ITB than UGM.
His consideration? Haaah I still don't get his points.
He used to be against the thought of my sister becoming in engineering faculty. Because she's a girl. He likes my sister to be a doctor. He said engineering only suited boys.
Haaaaah. I dont know anymore.