Keep It Together

My heart beats faster
Yet hurts deeper
Every time your name passes me by
Even though we spend time together
Much more than any best friends would do
My mind goes wild and restless
Every time you leave
Every time I leave
I cannot think clearly
If one ever said that you are my folly
No more I couldn't agree
The sense of security I get from you
Is irreplaceable
Yet I never feel secured
Once I remember that
You may fall, truly fall, for another ladies
This feeling I shouldn't and couldn't have possessed
Kills my rationality, mocks my stronghold

Had I to be honest,
I never liked you befriend too close
with other ladies
Even though they are my friends, too
I want my place to be irreplaceable
Yet I know that is not fair for you
That is why now I try
To keep it together
To learn that I am your best friend
And best friends support each others
Since I promise myself to be the light
and one of the reasons of anything good
that may happen...
or you do in your life
The pain I know will appear and bite
But I will bear it since it is my mistake
To put too much thought and heart on you

I hope we can be best friends forever
And I hope we can realize the True Life
And pursue it together

That is why all these insecurity, hurt, love I have
I will keep it together
I will keep it together
I will keep it together
I will...