Just a simple Thanks =)

Woooh it's been a long time I did not write in this blog. For most of my times I let my boredom and bad mood filled in my head and there was nothing good I could think of to be written here. But recently God has taught me many things that being in a bad state of mind will bring me nowhere except loneliness.

By the way, I've passed my final exam very well and the results have been announced. Not as I hoped but yeah that's the best I deserve, I suppose. I failed to get a high GPA, again, in this semester. It's not too surprising seeing how hectic I was in this semester with organizations' thingies, not to mention my inability in managing time-- a big irony for a management student like me-- having fun with akks, friends, many more. Thanks to God that I am strengthened to finish this semester peacefully, still with all subjects passed! But more than that, I really thank Him for everything and everyone that He's given me so far, at least till this mid-year. All things that I happened to think to let go or just to have a chance to try...

In the beginning of February, a camp for a new God's servant for POFEUI was held. Not all of us came here but I was so happy to meet and serve all POFEUI members with them =)

                                   (left : Dewi, Edo, Catherine, Kak Devi, me, David a.k.a. coach)
 this was when first PJ or Persekutuan Jumat for the even semester was held. The theme was about Love, Sex, and Dating. It was in February 14th, 2012 (well, the reason behing the theme has been automatically answered hehehe). I was serving as a singer at that time with Catherine. The MC was Kak Devi, while Edo and Coach became the guitarists and Dewi herself was the person-in-charge for the PJ. Thanks God even my service was far from perfect, it all ran smoothly. Well, one interesting thing was in previous holiday,I happened to hope to serve as a singer for Valentine's PJ and God heard my prayer and voila! hhihi. Thanks God for fulfilling my wish. Not only am I happy but I got to learn more from my fellows heheh
                                                                     (left : Key, Mia, me)
One thing that I never expect to happen since the first time I am in FEUI : joining a competition and becoming one of its top finalists. Well, it  doesnt mean that it will never happen though. And that happened to me! Mia, Key, and I joined a Marketing Paper competition and successfully became one of its delegates, which would work with other delegates to solve cases about creative industry in Indonesia. That's a W-A-W. Thanks to Lord Jesus! I always think that I will never get a chance and time to join such a competition, seeing how I should concentrate with my study, organization, and services. But God said other things and He proved that He could make me learn trough this competition. I got so much knowledge, knew many new friends from other universities, aaaaah. THanks to Mia and Key for letting me join this CENDERAWASIH team. We're beautiful and stylish!! Hahahahah
                                    (left : Christan, Reyner, David, me, Diana, Mentari, Alvi, Juli)
This is KK-Misi! There are reyner, david, Diana, Mentari, Alvi, Juli, and me! hehehe. Christan is just a... driver hahaha kidding. He is our friends who was invited to join us so that we could go to Pizza Hut for a ride hhe.
Well, KK-Misi... what is it? It is a team in POFEUI whose job is for caring 'kelompok kecil' in POFEUI and stir the mission movement in POFEUI. We're having a 'kesehatian' or team-building in PIZZA HUT Margo at that time. soo much fun. hho and we're also talking a little about our love life hihihi
 this is when I was serving as a singer in Easter's PJ with Jason, Ega, Grommy, Reta, Sam, and kak Nuel. Such a blessing to be able to serve in this PJ with such those humble people. Thanks Lord!
 And here we are!! Project Team of BOE 2012-2013! Aaaaa I am happy to know them. This was captured in Malam Keakraban BOE 2012 hehehe.For your info, I got a chance to lead this team as Vice Manager, while the manager itself is Bunga (wearing a black Hijab and blue jacket in the centre of this pic). We're having many ups-downs moments, debating quite a lot, but when we have fun, we really have fun! hihihi.

 with Proyek's Kiky, Dinar, and Sam in Kebun Raya Bogor. Like I said, when we have fun, we really have fun hihihi
 this is me with my new orange dress. look beautiful? ahahaha you don't need to say, I know it hihihi. I like the color. The dress-shape itself is quite simple and eventhough look conservative and classy, which is really not me actually, it simply adds something good to my appearance ahahahaha. My friends said that this one is good. I cant wait to wear this to church hahahaha
aaaandddddddd here they are! boys who's been added as  ' those beloved ones' in my list after my parents, bro and sis, and friends. my akks!! hihii they look cute rite? well it's not easy to become a PKK for boys and sometimes I need to knock my head at the wall to hold back my anger and tears every time they disappoint me (okay, I'm overboard). But by the grace of God, I will never regret and will be strengthened to guide them. Basically, they're good boys but yeah there are some moments when it seems like they cant get what I mean or get it but too ignorant. But I know God will shape them to be a good man! hihii

Yeaaah those people really made my days hahaha. Lord Jesus really knows that I cant be alone and He gives me a new family here to complete my life, as my first family is in Medan. Thanks God!