Days as University Student (MAHASISWA!!!)

huaaaa, fellas! it's been a long time, a long long month since my last post about Mai's single. that was when I was still confused about whether I could continue my study to university or not. and now, I'm back!!!! as a very happy university student of faculty of economics in University of Indonesia, one of the best universities in Indonesia and also world!! haha. I'm really proud. I really thanked God when I knew I finally could be a university student though I can't be a doctor or technician like I used to dream. but being a manager isn't bad at all, right? I'll gain more profit, money, hahahahha...
well, I've been very busy recently with some orientation duties. they suck, really!especially the commitee of discipline. they are very cruel. we also forcefully wear a big name tag and yellow jacket (our university pride!!!). we are burdened with so many duties, but I still enjoy them. hahahahha.
it's been 2 weeks since I studied. and I found myself interesting in mathematical economics and bussiness class. ohhhhhhh
well, I want to review a song from Utada Hikaru, namely Come Back To me, her international single. I know it's really late. but yeah, just to fill my review field. ahahahha

I really love this song. from the beginning till the end. I love the sound of piano that makes the song seems orchestral in the beginning. I also love the backing vocal when continuing Utada sing the chorus. this is one of her recent good songs, I think. I don't really like her recent songs. but this is an exception, as well as the flavor of life! hahahah. Utada is cool singing this song...

Well, Mai Kuraki will be on the next review with her compilation album, ALL MY BEST. she looks beautiful in the cover! :)